App Features: everything you need in a budget app!

<span>Create a budget</span> on the fly

Create a budget on the fly

NetIncome aims at making budgeting as easy and convenient as possible. Only a few clicks will take you to your personal monthly budget.

<span>Live! monitoring</span> of budget categories

Live! monitoring of budget categories

Monitor your spendings for specific budget categories you’re interested in and capture all expenses in no time at all

<span>Net income</span> calculation done easily

Net income calculation done easily

The app will calculate how much of your income will be left after all expenses have been paid based on your budget. This remaining amount is your net income.

<span>Manual</span> included

Manual included

A comprehensive guide to personal budgeting is included in the app. Learn about provisions and their importance for personal financial planning

<span>Over 90 icons</span> to choose from

Over 90 icons to choose from

You have over 90 retina icons to choose from for your budget categories

<span>Data protection</span> by saving only on iPhone

Data protection by saving only on iPhone

All your data is stored locally on your iPhone only!